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The Torchwood Cafe

grilled pterodactyl sandwiches and damn fine coffee

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torch_wood_cafe is the off-topic community for torch_wood. Because if Doctor Who is tea, Torchwood is coffee. :D

Welcome to the cafe! You'll have to find yourself a table, I'm afraid: torch_wood_cafe is unmoderated, and the management takes no responsibility for any spoilers you may overhear.

The Menu:

Friendly Folk: the Torchwood Cafe Lunch Club
Looking for someone to split a banana with? Introduce yourself.

The LJ Skinny
New to Livejournal, and baffled by the crazy world of icon credits, lj-cuts, and community posting rules? Ask away.

Breakfast Beta
Hungry fiction-writer in need of nutritional aid? Post your beta requests here.
Short-Order Chef Beta? Offer your services, and rescue ficcers in urgent need of sustenance.

Lost Pie-Way
Read a great fic, and now can't find it? Searching for that perfect icon you know you've seen somewhere? These are the people to ask.

Order Off-Menu
It's an off-topic comm - so anything goes. Think you've found something online from another fandom that would make your fellow Torchwood fans chuckle? Want to ask a personal favour? Urgently need to know David Tennant's shoe size? Go ahead and post it.

Don't forget, the parent community torch_wood still exists for all your Torchwood needs. Check out the torch_wood userinfo if you aren't sure where your post should go.

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